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"The Power of Prevention"
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What Do Our Clients Say?

With over 25 years in the business, Security Center USA provides state-of-the -art, customized Home and Commercial security solutions to thousands of Jacksonville area clients.

Designed to fit your specific needs and budget, Security Center USA delivers peace of mind and the appropriate security system to protect your family, your home and your business.

Here are a few client comments that show why Security Center USA is a leader in Jacksonville value added security systems and property protection:

Restaurants and Bar Security:

Riverside Café —“When Security Center USA first contacted me, my co-partner thought we could do the same thing with a cheaper system. He purchased the system and installed it, and we quickly found the quality was not adequate. The camera was breaking down, the quality was poor, and it was not user friendly. When we had the opportunity for Security Center USA to come out a second time and evaluate our needs we went with their program, and I cannot be more pleased. I wish we would have used Security Center USA in our first meeting”. David Lane / Owner / Riverside Café

ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise) —“Our system has allowed me to gain control of my COGS…dropping by 3% the first month at almost $19,000 on an annualized basis. We have been operating with the system now for 1-year and our COGS are currently at 34% YTD and improving monthly. John Kaneday / President  & CEO / ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise)

Pharmacy Security:

Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.—“Since installing the system we have noticed a remarkable increase in productivity of the employees. In addition, on several occasions we have helped the police department identify people that were attempting to falsely purchase prescription, helping to reduce our liability. What an asset it has been for our business”. Tommy McCall / Owner / Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.

Retail Security:

The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe—“We receive over 200,000 visitors per year who climb to the top of the lighthouse. We installed your surveillance system and could not be believe how productive it has been. Not only has it helped with our inventory control, but we are pleased to say that it has made a tremendous difference in our staff productivity. Once we were able to go back and review the surveillance we learned where our weak points were. Through that we were able to retrain each sales associate which in turn increased our sales by over 20%! We would strongly recommend your company services to any establishment that would like to increase productivity and have better inventory control”. Nadia Wagner / Owner / The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe

Pinch-A-Penny—“I purchased a system from Security Center USA about a year and a half ago and could not be more pleased with my decision. My initial thought for the system was for the security of my business and for the safety of my staff. However, after installing the system, I found that is has tremendous value in monitoring the business when I an absent. I am able to work with my staff to improve our service to our customers. I would also like to comment on the quality of the service I have received form Security Center USA as well. The staff has always been prompt and courteous in responding to any questions. I also feel the quality of the system is outstanding. I would highly recommend Security Center USA to any business owner considering a similar system”.  Greg Bowers / Owner / Pinch-A-Penny

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Looking for the Best in Commercial Security?

Security Center USA provides industry expertise and proven security solutions – custom designed and installed for any business requirement:

  • Auto Dealership Security
  • Government Facility Security
  • Insurance Agency Security
  • Leasing Outlet Security
  • Logistic Security
  • Medical Office and Hospital Security
  • Restaurants, Bar, and Food Industry Security
  • Retail Security
  • School and Day Care Center
  • Transportation Security
  • Veterinary Office Security
  • Warehouse Security

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Security Center USA, Named the Official Security Company of the JACKSONVILLE SUNS!!

Like so many other Jacksonville businesses, the Jacksonville Suns Baseball Club was concerned about visitor, staff and facility safety. Working within deadline and budget, Security Center USA installed several state of the art security features in and around the Suns stadium.

We installed cameras in the souvenirs shops, concession stands, food and beverage department, ticket sales counter and many other locations throughout the entire ballpark. This system allows multiple staff members to view the security system “live” from their smart-phone from anywhere in the stadium.

Like all of installations we are proud of our Jacksonville Suns security solutions.

Get a FREE Video Camera*
with the purchase of any
Video Surveillance System Package

*standard camera only

Read the Suns’ Testimonial:

October 13, 2013

Dear Paul,

I wanted to take a quick moment and let you know how pleased we are with our recent purchase of our CCTV & Security Systems from Security Center USA. We had a very old and dated CCTV system that was in need of some major overhaul. The sales rep that came out was extremely helpful and was very effective at utilizing as much of the current systems to control cost but also give us the quality, reliability and benefits of a new system. We currently have cameras in our souvenirs shops, concession stands, food and beverage department, ticket sales counter and many other locations to name a few. Security Center USA’s staff was courteous and professional; from the sales rep to the installation team, they were nothing short of excellent! They are TRUE PROFFESIONALS!!

We initially decided to put the CCTV system in to simply keep people safe but have quickly discovered many uses where the system helps us day to day and have even used it on some occasions where we actually had incidents that needed review. The system allows us to go back and see EXACTLY what happen with no “He Said, She Said” needed. From keeping an eye on guests of the ballpark to employee theft and even eliminating break-ins the uses are unlimited. These systems are amazing. One of the biggest advantages of the CCTV system is I am able to have multiple staff members view the system live from their smart-phone which allows them to be ANYWHERE in the ballpark and keep an eye on things! What a valuable tool! We also have added a cell module to our security system that allows us to use the system WITHOUT A PHONE LINE and assures the dispatch will be made on alarms no matter what the case! Over all these system has made me feel tremendously safer!

I can safely say, from a firsthand experience of working with them and using the systems, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a professional system and install knowing it’s done correct and with unmatched customer service and quality of product and workmanship! I have been highly impressed from sale, install and service after the sale. They can’t be beat!!

Security Center USA is the Official Security Company of the JACKSONVILLE SUNS!!

Play Ball!!


Peter Bragan, Jr. President and Owner


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Security Center USA – for all your Residential and Commercial Security Needs:

“The Power of Prevention”

Call Security Center USA: 800.976.4172 or 904.727.5000

Do you need Video Surveillance for your Jacksonville Home or Office?

If you are considering a security system for your home or office, Security Center USA Video Surveillance could be just what you need.  Most people think of video surveillance as some high tech system that is only necessary for large businesses or properties.  The truth is that cameras and their operating systems can help you feel safe and secure, both inside and out, no matter what size facility you are protecting.
Our Video Surveillance systems are available in a variety of sizes, offer user friendly of features and capabilities that can meet any security requirement.  Depending on your needs you can look at cameras that offer different degrees of rotation, zoom capabilities, and resolution quality. Today’s state of the art cameras are designed to produce clear images in any setting regardless of the lighting conditions.  Security Center USA Video Surveillance systems also offer networking and communication options that include the ability to control and monitor the system via the internet from anywhere in the world.

Get a FREE Video Camera*
with the purchase of any
Video Surveillance System Package

*standard camera only

Residential Security:

You can keep a watchful eye on all areas such as entry and exit points of your North Florida home.  A video surveillance system is a great way to deter criminals from selecting your property as a target and can help you identify an intruder if a break in where to occur.  Security cameras inside your Jacksonville home will also protect what’s most precious to you and your family.


Commercial Security:
If you are operating a business in Jacksonville you should be aware that cameras can enhance operations and increase productivity.  In addition to monitoring entry and exit points of your business, a video surveillance system can also benefit your company by allowing you to monitor inventory and backroom activities.  Cameras can aid in reducing external and internal theft and can also help you keep an eye on customer service, employee behavior, customer activity, etc.


Video Systems are available that can be used to record activity and archive data for viewing of time frames both before and after events.  This feature can be very useful in determining the cause of an event and can help confirm or deny accusations.  Video security footage may be very useful in investigating work place injuries of employees or customers, price tampering and as certain types of customer complaints.
Reviewing your home or business with a Security Center USA security expert will help you determine which cameras and operating systems will best meet your individual video surveillance needs.

To learn more about the peace of mind that a Video Surveillance System can provide – Contact the Security Experts at: 904.727.5000 or
Security Center USA – for all your Residential and Commercial Security Needs – Video SurveillanceIntrusion AlarmsGPS Fleet ManagementAccess Control and UL Monitoring.

Better Business Bureau – A+ Rated

Monitor Company Vehicles with GPS Fleet Management

If you run a business that depends on vehicles, then you already understand the challenges of vehicle management and accountability.  Fuel is expensive, insurance is expensive, vehicles are expensive and you need to trust that your drivers are making their best effort to operate your vehicles safely and in the best interest of your company.

Using GPS devices for fleet management allows companies to easily manage and monitor their vehicles much more efficiently.  As well as protecting equipment and assets, GPS vehicle management helps reduce wasted time, wasted fuel, increases customer satisfaction, and can be a boosts the bottom line.

Jacksonville and Northeast Florida companies are turning to Security Center USA for industry proven GPS Fleet Management Systems. Our GPS tracking and reporting systems provide a wide range of user friendly features to remotely manage your fleet.

GPS Fleet Management Features:

  • Increase Fleet Efficiency and Profits.
  • Instantly locate and follow your company vehicles with real-time GPS vehicle tracking.
  • Keeping a “virtual eye” on your vehicles through its intuitive web interface, our GPS Fleet Systems allow you to remotely monitor your vehicles and staff from anywhere in the world using a laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet.
  • Reduce needless fuel consumption.
  • Provide better routing of vehicles.
  • Know where your staff is at all times.
  • Increased Staff Productivity.
  • Automate Employee Time Cards.
  • Eliminate Personal Use and Fuel Consumption.
  • Increase Driver Safety – Get email or text alerts if your staff is speeding, entering and exiting areas or going to places they shouldn’t be.
  • Locate Your Vehicle if it’s Lost or Stolen.
  • Monitor Vehicle Maintenance Needs.
  • Ignition Status Monitoring and Management.

To learn more about the peace of mind that a video surveillance system can provide to your business – Contact the security experts at: 904.727.5000 or

No matter what your business, life safety and property protection are vital to the future growth and profitability of your organization. Security Center USA – for all your Residential and Commercial Security Needs – Video SurveillanceIntrusion AlarmsGPS Fleet ManagementAccess Control and UL Monitoring.

Contact the experts at: Security Center USA – for all your Residential and Commercial Security Needs. Call – 904.727.5000

Commercial Surveillance, Protecting Your Investment

With an increase in shoplifting, credit card fraud and employee theft, business owners in Jacksonville and throughout Northeast FL, can have a difficult challenge when it comes to protecting their businesses from loss. Recent reports show that over 70% of businesses owners express concern about the security of company assets and the safety of clients and employees.

National security statistics show that theft is strongest around national, seasonal and religious holidays when stores are busy with customers and the ‘watchful eyes’ of staff are busy serving customers or restocking shelves. Having a quality video surveillance solution, with well-placed security cameras around the facility, is a great line of defense. Just the mere fact of placing video cameras in obvious places is often enough to deter potential theft, fraud or shoplifting incidents.

High Quality Video Surveillance

Security Center USA is the Northeast Florida expert in Commercial Security. Protecting your people and assets, Security Center USA’s video surveillance systems are custom designed and installed to monitor any workplace activity. We utilize digital recorders that allow you to remotely monitor your business from anywhere in the world using a laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet.

Round the Clock Surveillance Cameras Protection

We use a wide variety of cameras ranging from vandal-resistant, infrared, license plate recognition, day/night, pan/tilt/zoom, IP and megapixel.  With our customized pricing models we are able to protect you from the daily threats of doing business.

Quality video footage provides the ability to significantly reduce shoplifting, ‘sweet-hearting’ (lowering price at the register) and even reducing worker’s compensation lawsuits. Many business owners using video surveillance report a higher quality of employee output, as the employees know their actions are also being observed.

Return on Investment

Budget is always a big concern in any business…What’s the ROI? Is it worth the price? Well, according to national police data, installing a quality security system can actually benefit a business and have a huge return on investment.


To learn more about the peace of mind that a video surveillance system can provide to your business – Contact the security experts at: 904.727.5000 or

Security Center USA – for all your Residential and Commercial Security Needs – Video SurveillanceIntrusion Alarms – GPS Fleet ManagementAccess Control and UL Monitoring.

Home Security Cameras Provide Piece of Mind

By now, we’re all used to the idea of seeing security cameras in public areas. From stadiums to public buildings, department stores and gas stations, it seems that everything we do in public is being recorded and monitored. It’s easy to understand why there are so many surveillance systems in use when you consider just how useful they can be in identifying criminals and even preventing crimes from occurring in the first place.

Dependable residential security coverage

Many Jacksonville area homeowners are now realizing that the same types of affordable security systems can provide their families with security at home.

Professionally installed, Security Center USA surveillance systems allow homeowners to monitor who’s coming and going, and what’s going on in and around their home. Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood and have never experienced any type of crime, remember home intrusion rates are on the rise. Most criminals are opportunists, so by simply installing a security system and putting up a sign that notifies possible invaders that a camera surveillance system is in place may be all it takes to prevent a crime from happening today or in the future.

Concerned parents may want to consider using a hidden camera to keep an eye on the caregivers or to monitor children as they are sleeping. And don’t forget about your ability monitor elderly parents and loved ones.

While north Florida businesses often spend thousands of dollars on commercial security and security camera systems to monitor customers, employees, and inventory, a homeowner can have the peace of mind of protecting their home and loved ones for a fraction of that amount.

Residential security is no joke. Surveillance systems from Security Center USA start for as little as $79 a month and include all needed equipment, installation by licensed and insured technicians and product warrantee. These state of the art security packages allow the end user to view their system live from any “smart device” such as tablets and smart phones or from anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection.

To learn more about the peace of mind that a surveillance system can provide to your home and family – Contact the security experts at: 904.727.5000 or

Improved Service with Surveillance Partnership

Breaking News!!! Security Center USA has partnered with several major industry manufactures and are producing a product line of Video Surveillance products that are uniquely designed to serve their clients industries specific needs and wants. Included in the negotiation are new kitted system packages that offer unbelievable priced solutions for businesses and homes. All equipment being manufactured is exclusive to Security Center USA and offers features such as Audio recording and an unlimited amount of users! All packages will allow the end user to view their system live from any “smart device” such as tablets and smart phones or anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection. All packages pricing includes all needed equipment, installation and are warranted while only starting at $89 a month!! Call now to schedule a site evaluation!!!