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"The Power of Prevention"
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What Do Our Clients Say?

With over 25 years in the business, Security Center USA provides state-of-the -art, customized Home and Commercial security solutions to thousands of Jacksonville area clients.

Designed to fit your specific needs and budget, Security Center USA delivers peace of mind and the appropriate security system to protect your family, your home and your business.

Here are a few client comments that show why Security Center USA is a leader in Jacksonville value added security systems and property protection:

Restaurants and Bar Security:

Riverside Café —“When Security Center USA first contacted me, my co-partner thought we could do the same thing with a cheaper system. He purchased the system and installed it, and we quickly found the quality was not adequate. The camera was breaking down, the quality was poor, and it was not user friendly. When we had the opportunity for Security Center USA to come out a second time and evaluate our needs we went with their program, and I cannot be more pleased. I wish we would have used Security Center USA in our first meeting”. David Lane / Owner / Riverside Café

ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise) —“Our system has allowed me to gain control of my COGS…dropping by 3% the first month at almost $19,000 on an annualized basis. We have been operating with the system now for 1-year and our COGS are currently at 34% YTD and improving monthly. John Kaneday / President  & CEO / ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise)

Pharmacy Security:

Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.—“Since installing the system we have noticed a remarkable increase in productivity of the employees. In addition, on several occasions we have helped the police department identify people that were attempting to falsely purchase prescription, helping to reduce our liability. What an asset it has been for our business”. Tommy McCall / Owner / Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.

Retail Security:

The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe—“We receive over 200,000 visitors per year who climb to the top of the lighthouse. We installed your surveillance system and could not be believe how productive it has been. Not only has it helped with our inventory control, but we are pleased to say that it has made a tremendous difference in our staff productivity. Once we were able to go back and review the surveillance we learned where our weak points were. Through that we were able to retrain each sales associate which in turn increased our sales by over 20%! We would strongly recommend your company services to any establishment that would like to increase productivity and have better inventory control”. Nadia Wagner / Owner / The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe

Pinch-A-Penny—“I purchased a system from Security Center USA about a year and a half ago and could not be more pleased with my decision. My initial thought for the system was for the security of my business and for the safety of my staff. However, after installing the system, I found that is has tremendous value in monitoring the business when I an absent. I am able to work with my staff to improve our service to our customers. I would also like to comment on the quality of the service I have received form Security Center USA as well. The staff has always been prompt and courteous in responding to any questions. I also feel the quality of the system is outstanding. I would highly recommend Security Center USA to any business owner considering a similar system”.  Greg Bowers / Owner / Pinch-A-Penny

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Looking for the Best in Commercial Security?

Security Center USA provides industry expertise and proven security solutions – custom designed and installed for any business requirement:

  • Auto Dealership Security
  • Government Facility Security
  • Insurance Agency Security
  • Leasing Outlet Security
  • Logistic Security
  • Medical Office and Hospital Security
  • Restaurants, Bar, and Food Industry Security
  • Retail Security
  • School and Day Care Center
  • Transportation Security
  • Veterinary Office Security
  • Warehouse Security

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