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We are proud to offer years of security expertise to home owners and commercial establishments at affordable prices. We have provided robust security solutions to protect thousands of families and a broad cross section of business and industries.

  • Ford Dealerships
  • Chevy Dealerships
  • Toyota Dealerships
  • Buick/Pontiac/GMC Dealerships
  • Jacksonville Port Authority
  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority Jacksonville Aviation Authority
  • Dixie County School Board
  • Dixie County Jail
  • Glynn County Court House
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • St. Catherine’s Catholic Church
  • Grace Lutheran Church & School
  • All Saints Episcopal
  • U-Stor-it Self Storage
  • Napa Auto Parts
  • Budweiser - North FL Sales
  • KFC
  • Dunkin Doughnuts
  • IHOP
  • Tropical Smoothie Café
  • Badcock Furniture
  • Basset Furniture
  • Waffle House
  • Meineke Car Care
  • Car Quest Auto Parts
  • Christian Family Book Stores
  • Ace Hardware
  • Hungry Howies Pizza
  • Bruster's Ice Cream
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Quizno's Subs
  • Subway, Dairy Queens
  • Captain D's
  • Burger King's
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Beef-O-Brady's
  • Pinch-A-Penny Pool Supply
  • Andy on Call
  • United Van Lines
  • Marble Slab Creamery
  • Culligan Water
  • Sign-A-Rama
  • Supercuts
  • Goodyear Tire Stores
  • Batteries Plus
  • Maaco Paint & Body
  • Budget Car Rentals
  • Boars Head - Deli Provisions
  • IGA Grocery Stores
  • Kenworth Trucking
  • Learning Academy

Read what our clients say!!

Security Center USA install

Automotive & Trucking:

OK Tire Store
This letter is to thank you at Security Center USA for providing an excellent camera system and great customer service. This camera system has brought my business so many benefits. These benefits include increasing employee activities, a decrease in theft, and also securing the business property. I also like the fact that I can have eyes at my business even when I am not present. This system has been a big asset to my company. I recommend Security Center USA to any business owner.
- William Burns / Owner / OK Tire Store

The Yarnall Companies (United Van Lines)
Your prompt attention and review of our needs not only gave us a much better system but it was also easier to use, and best of all less expensive. From the first day of installation to the completion, your staff worked and addressed all of our questions and concerns, Very Professional!!! When we called to resolve a minor problem, everyone followed up to make sure we were taken care of. Great Customer Service!!
- Jay Vandroff / President / The Yarnall Companies (United Van Lines)

Joe’s Paint and Body Shop, Inc.
We at Joe’s Paint and Body Shop, Inc. have had the pleasure of dealing with the staff at Security Center USA since November of 2006. We enjoy the comfort the camera system gives us here in every aspect. Not only does it allow us to monitor our employees without having to stand over them but it also gives us a piece of mind for the times we are away from the shop. We have found the staff to be most informative and courteous when it comes to any of our needs with the system. Not only is this system securing to us but is also gives our customers a piece of mind that while their vehicles are in our care everything will be taken care of in a professional and safe manner. We would like to thank Security Center USA for providing us with the peace of mind that comes with the system and the knowledge that if we need them they are there.
- Jennifer Hayes / Joe’s Paint and Body Shop, Inc.

Automaxxx of Batesburg & Columbia
This system is by far the best asset I’ve made toward my business. Not only does it insure security for my business, employees and me; but, just the presence of the system deters anyone, customer or employees from doing wrong. The increase in employee productivity was a wonderful result as well. It has also created a distinct increase in the total gross revenue of my business. I would highly recommend this business management tool to any business owner.
- Dupree Coleman / Owner / Automaxxx of Batesburg & Columbia

Crabtree Commercial Tire
I wanted to thank the folks at Security Center USA for the great job they did installing my security camera system. The professionalism that was demonstrated from the consultant that came out, to the installation crew and service department has been very impressive.
- Danny Crabtree / Owner / Crabtree Commercial Tire

Mike’s Elite Towing
The camera system offers so many benefits that I just can’t say enough. Being able to look at each automotive service area from the comfort of my office and home saves me a lot of time and money; it has increased my productivity of my employees significantly. I can honestly say I am very pleased with the system, the company and the results. I would highly recommend Security Center USA to any owner that would like to have more control of their business.
- Mike Gronow / Owner / Mike’s Elite Towing

P&M Trucking, Inc
I own several businesses in South Georgia. It is physically impossible for me to be at more than one place at a time. I was contacted by Security Center USA. I was convinced that they had the product that I was looking for. The professional staff of Security Center USA installed cameras and demonstrated how to use the system. I can testify that this was money well spent. I have the ability to view my business without actually being there. I use the system as a daily tool to help my business be more productive. Some examples of ways I use this system are: theft control, workers compensation claims, employee productivity and accountability. I would recommend Security Center USA for all your security needs.
- Paul Musgrove / CEO / P&M Trucking, Inc.

Extreme Tire & Alignment, Inc.
This letter is written to let Security Center USA know how pleased we are with your security system and staff. Extreme Tire has always received excellent and prompt service from your technicians. We are also pleased with our instruction and training on the use of our camera system.
- Scott Reddick / CEO / Extreme Tire & Alignment, Inc.

Bill Chambers Motors
We at Bill Chambers Motors are extremely pleased with our camera system. Is has proven to be one of the most helpful business management tools we have invested in since we opened our business. I would highly recommend Security Center USA to anyone seeking to increase the control, efficiency and the profitability of their company.
- Billy Chambers / Owner / Bill Chambers Motors

Batteries Plus+ Franchise
Thank you and your staff for making our camera installation and customer experience very pleasant. I find that your technicians are very knowledgeable in their field, and answer our questions politely and without hesitation. They helped us through a new VPN network installation and recently with a change of telephone carriers. Whoever comes knows their job, and in today’s world that is a very rare thing.
- Mary Hocknell / Owner / Batteries Plus+ Franchise

Central Auto Trim
The camera system offers so many benefits that I just can’t say enough. Being able to look at each of my service bays from the comfort of my office not only save me a ton of time, it has increased the productivity if my employees significantly. Your staff was extremely helpful before, during and after the installation. Whenever we have a question, your service department responds quickly. I would highly recommend your company to other owners interested in improving their bottom line!
- Richard Schneider / Owner / Central Auto Trim

D&S Auto Body
As you know, prior to installing the system, I was broken into on three different occasions. The last break-in literally cost me thousands of dollars in tools, supplies and equipment. In the current tough economic times, crime has increased all around town but I truly believe the reason I haven’t had any trouble is they know I have the camera system. I would personally recommend your system and your company to any business owner that wants to protect their business with a proven system. The system is worth the investment and I believe is has paid for itself. Security Center USA did a great job!
- Steve Stonehocker / Owner / D&S Auto Body

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Security Center USA install

Bars, Restaurants & Food

ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise)
This system has allowed me to gain control of my COGS…dropping by 3% the first month at almost $19,000 on an annualized basis. We have been operating with the system now for 1-year and our COGS are currently at 34% YTD and improving monthly.
- John Kaneday / President & CEO / ASC Food, LLC (KFC Franchise)

Coasters Bar & Grill
Since installing the system, I have seen my food cost go down and my employee productivity has improved greatly. The money that I am saving as a result is more than paying for the system. It really is a great management tool. I enjoy the peace of mind that I have knowing that my business is running right when I am not there.
- Scott Warner / Owner / Coasters Bar & Grill

Thai Thani Restaurant
Thank you for providing a quality product and excellent customer service. Your installation crew was very professional, courteous and through in showing us how to use the system after installation. There are many benefits of the system though the main reason I purchased the system, for both of my business, was to be able to see them when I cannot be present. I can honestly say that I am very pleased with the system, your company and the results. I would recommend your services to anyone.
- Nat Sukitsavanich / Owner / Thai Thani Restaurant

Captain D’s Franchise
The system has helped us to see if employees are stealing, we can look at the cameras to see what happened. The system has helped us, by making the employees and customers safe. It allows us to look at all aspects of any situation that may occur, that needs evaluation. We appreciate the security of our employees and customers.
- Jody Scarberry / Owner / Captain D’s Franchise

Riverside Café
When Security Center USA first contacted me, my co-partner thought we could do the same thing with a cheaper system. He purchased the system and installed it, and we quickly found the quality was not adequate. The camera was breaking down, the quality was poor, and it was not user friendly. When we had the opportunity for Security Center USA to come out a second time and evaluate our needs we went with their program, and I cannot be more pleased. I wish we would have used Security Center USA in our first meeting.
- David Lane / Owner / Riverside Café

Island Blend Jerky
Just a quick note to thank you and your team at Security Center USA for the “peace of mind” you have given my wife and I since “day one” of installing the security cameras. We are happy with the investment as this system has performed superbly!
- Cecil Lawson / Owner / Island Blend Jerky

Azar Sausage Co.
I thought I’d let you know how satisfied I am with your system and what it has had to offer me. Initially, when I purchased the system I knew it would provide security for my business and for the safety of my staff. After installing the system I found great value in being able to see and hear all areas of my business from the comfort of my own office. I would also like to comment on the outstanding quality and service we always receive. I would highly recommend Security Center USA.
- Raymond Azar / Owner / Azar Sausage Co.

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Security Center USA install


Jacksonville Transportation Authority
I have been working with Security Center USA for many years now. I have found them to be most professional. I would have no reservation in recommending the company for any security project your organization may have. As the Chief of Security for the JACKSONVILLE TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY we must rely on a prompt security vendor when camera problems occur, Security Center USA has provided that service. The quality of service and equipment has been outstanding and the picture quality of the monitors is most impressive. As a government agency we are always asked to do more and more with less. How do we provide a professional security service on a reduced budget? Our response to this has been a security surveillance camera system using Security Center USA!
- Richard Gentry / Chief of Security / Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Dixie County Jail
After having had the opportunity to work with Andrew, Jesse and Jacob on this installation, I certainly hope that next year we can expand on our system and that I have the opportunity to work with them again. Again, thank you for the fine service your staff provided.
- Major Scott Harden / Dixie County Jail

Dixie District Schools
THANK YOU for the great job you and your team did installing our security camera system at Old Town Elementary and Ruth Rains Middle School. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company and I am more than happy to serve as a reference for you if other schools or businesses need a recommendation.
- Charlotte Lord / Director of Safety, Facilities and Special Projects / Dixie District Schools

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Security Center USA install


Marlin Leasing
Over the past years, we’ve completed hundreds of leases with them. As their personal account executive for the past several years, I’ve been a part of every single transaction. Since I’ve been so closely involved, I know exactly what their customers have been saying about them and I have heard nothing but good things. I have firsthand knowledge that the staff at Security Center is not only friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt in their service, but more importantly, they show true concern for the customer. I can assure that they will stand behind every system they put in!
- Chris Price / Regional Manager / Marlin Leasing

Leasing Corporation of America
Over the past years, we have closed hundreds of leases with them. I have on occasion worked closely with Security Center on several deals where the customer needed their equipment vendor to go the “extra mile” to make sure they were confident and happy with their system. Security Center has performed flawlessly every time their assistance has been required. I can assure you if we were putting a new system in our building Security Center would be our vendor of choice.
- Marv Leaym / VP of Business Development / Lease Corporation of America

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Crystal Pharmacy
Security Center USA has been a great asset to my business. I have been using their cameras in my store for 2 years. From assessment to installation I have had no problems with this system. The staff is courteous and efficient. Crystal clear, colored images are wonderful. If you want a great security camera system, Security Center USA has what you need.
- Scotty Jarvis / Owner / Crystal Pharmacy

Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.
Since installing the system we have noticed a remarkable increase in productivity of the employees. In addition, on several occasions we have helped the police department identify people that were attempting to falsely purchase prescription, helping to reduce our liability. What an asset it has been for our business.
- Tommy McCall / Owner / Your Family Pharmacy, Inc.

Health Smart Pharmacy
I have been extremely pleased with the surveillance system that we purchased from Security Center USA. I own an independent pharmacy in a rural area. We even caught on of “America’s Dumbest Criminal” on tape, and were contacted by a production company in Hollywood to sell the rights to the video. This was an unexpected source of additional revenue for the business.
- Melody Bolton / Owner / Health Smart Pharmacy

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Security Center USA install


F.D. Goodale Jeweler
In January of 2007, a man entered our establishment to inquire about selling some jewelry. The employee helping him turned her back for a moment and the man reached over the counter and grabbed merchandise. Another employee saw what he had done on the security monitor. Just last week the solicitor of Kershaw County used the video from our Security Center USA cameras as evidence to convict the suspect. He received 3 years in prison! Thank you Security Center USA!
- Melissa Goodale / Owner / F.D. Goodale Jeweler

Kennesaw Trains, Inc
The system has reduced shoplifting to zero, and I know has hindered anyone from robbery. The overall peace of mind the system offers as a way of making my business more secure was also an important factor. For a great camera system call Security Center USA.
- Kevin Mills / Owner / Kennesaw Trains, Inc.

The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe
We receive over 200,000 visitors per year who climb to the top of the lighthouse. We installed your surveillance system and could not be believe how productive it has been. Not only has it helped with our inventory control, but we are pleased to say that it has made a tremendous difference in our staff productivity. Once we were able to go back and review the surveillance we learned where our weak points were. Through that we were able to retrain each sales associate which in turn increased our sales by over 20%! We would strongly recommend your company services to any establishment that would like to increase productivity and have better inventory control.
- Nadia Wagner / Owner / The Top of the Lighthouse Shoppe

Jarrett Rifles
I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased we are with our recent installation of six security cameras from Security Center USA. The gentleman that came to our place of business to install cameras were very understanding and very helpful in answering questions. It also seems that every time I call for any question I may have they are always answered in a very prompt manner. I highly recommend using Security Center USA for your security camera needs.
- Rissa Jarrett / Jarrett Rifles

Sims Furniture Galleries, LLC (Bassett Furniture)
Your company met our needs through security and financing for this security system. This system has been in place for approximately eight months, and I am just amazed at the information we have gathered trough the service. To sum it all up, we have been pleased with your service since day one. Having multiple locations leaves our business vulnerable but now I am reassured of the happenings at our stores because I can see and hear what’s going on, even in my office at home.
- John Sims / Owner / Sims Furniture Galleries, LLC (Bassett Furniture)

I purchased a system from Security Center USA about a year and a half ago and could not be more pleased with my decision. My initial thought for the system was for the security of my business and for the safety of my staff. However, after installing the system, I found that is has tremendous value in monitoring the business when I an absent. I am able to work with my staff to improve our service to our customers. I would also like to comment on the quality of the service I have received form Security Center USA as well. The staff has always been prompt and courteous in responding to any questions. I also feel the quality of the system is outstanding. I would highly recommend Security Center USA to any business owner considering a similar system.
- Greg Bowers / Owner / Pinch-A-Penny

As you are aware, we purchased the equipment primarily for security reasons. Although the equipment is great for employee training and observations, it also affords the user an opportunity to recall activity in customer service situations where the actual occurrence might need to be documented for some reason. The cameras do not draw attention to themselves due to their low profile and I haven’t has one customer even ask about them since they were installed. Most don’t even know there is a security system in place even with our warnings prominently displayed. Again, thanks for the great service and providing us with the means to secure our business.
- Carl Petruzzelli / Owner / Pinch-A-Penny

Tack Shack of Ocala
We at Tack Shack of Ocala are writing to thank you for the outstanding work and service we always receive from your company. Your workers have gone way beyond what was necessary to make sure that we are always up and running and even went to bat for us with the insurance company which we really appreciated. Thank you again and keep up the good work.
- Deborah Brown / Tack Shack of Ocala

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North Florida Cosmetology Institute, Inc.
We use our cameras not only for security reasons, but also as an educational tool.
- Anita Coppedge / President / North Florida Cosmetology Institute, Inc.

Sandman Preschool Academy
I just wanted to drop a quick letter to let you know how happy I have been with the service I received from your company. The gentleman that installed the cameras were both professional and knowledgeable. The installation was completed with minimal disruptions to the business. In closing I want to thank your company for making my experience a positive one and helping me have a peace of mind for my business while I am away.
- Shelby Birch / Owner / Sandman Preschool Academy

For Your Child Only’s Victory Land
The system has many uses and has helped us on several occasions with both parents and staff. We like to review the video on a regular basis to ensure the teachers are teaching, not just babysitting the children. It’s real easy to use and the sound is a great tool to hear how the kids are responding to our staff and the lessons. What pleases us the most is that our parents have a greater peace of mind knowing that they can see the centers activities any time they would like. They love it! We feel it is more than paying for itself and believe the system is worth its weight in gold!
- Jesse & Rosa Wilcox / Owners / For Your Child Only’s Victory Land

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Security Center USA install


Young’s Paso Fino Ranch
I wanted to tell you and your team how pleased I am with the fantastic job you did recently installing my security camera system. My staff wasn’t working when I was gone and I even found they were doing some side business using our supplies. Since installing the camera system we have completely stopped the problems and no longer have to worry about what is going on when we aren’t there. It has been well worth the money and my only regret is that I would have done this long ago!
- Barbara Young / President / Young’s Paso Fino Ranch

Gerrylin’s Bingo Palace
Our cameras were extremely helpful when we had a fire in our building in the middle of the night. One of the electric gaming machines that we lease from a bingo supply company just started smoking and caught on fire. Our alarm went off and the fire department cam and put out the fire before the whole place went up in flames. When they started to investigate they wanted to look at the recording from the DVR. Thank god we had the system because the video showed that the machine went up in flames and with that evidence, the bingo supply company was responsible for the damages. We would highly recommend Security Center USA to any business owner that wants to protect their business and have peace of mind knowing that the job is done right from the start.
 - Linda and Gerry / Owners / Gerrylin’s Bingo Palace

Kotter, inc. (Supercuts Franchises)
Most impressive to me; however, was the outstanding service we received during the buying and installation process. Everyone from your company was extremely professional, flexible and responsive. I was really pleased with the quality and timeliness of the installation. I was even more impressed with the help I received from you personally in correcting a problem which was caused by another vendor’s product. Having managed large accounts in my prior career, I know excellent customer service when I see it. Even though I’m a small account for you, I was made to feel very important. If you ever need someone as a reference for your products or people, please don’t hesitate to have potential clients contact me directly!
- Dennis Kottkamp / President / Kotter, inc. (Supercuts Franchises)

Pleasant Home ALF
Security cameras are a very vital and important tool for anyone that has a small to large business, especially when you cannot be there 24/7/365. You will always have your business in control and all employees and residence will be treated with respect.
- Ruth Somerville / Administrator / Pleasant Home ALF

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